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Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

Couple Therapy:

I am particularly interested in working with couples to improve communication. This may involve learning Imago communication skills or learning how to express what really needs to be said to each other - daring to speak what is left out of a conversation!

Along side learning better communication skills we can gain an understanding as to how history informs our expectations of our current relationship. By identifying these dynamics we will work towards untangling these strands, freeing you both up and encouraging honest communication, leading to clearer communication, decision making and redefining the expectations of the relationship.

Individual / Couple Psychosexual Therapy:

The link between sex, intimacy and trust is well documented. Sexual tensions can be caused by many factors: stress, insecurity, performance anxiety, lack of sexual information or there maybe an underlying physical cause. I work with people experiencing erectile dysfunction, loss of interest in sex, sexual difficulties associated with menopausal changes. I have experience working with people in overcoming the impact of sexual assault and trauma

I also work with sexual compulsivity, and internet related difficulties.

Again, by working with communication difficulties, identifying gaps in knowledge we can explore this exciting realm of human expression.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Angel Islington North London N1 & Walthamstow E17, London

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07931 339250

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Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Angel Islington North London N1 & Walthamstow E17, London

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