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About Psychosynthesis Counselling / Psychotherapy

Psychosynthesis is a Psychospiritual Psychotherapy. While acknowledging the pain and difficulties you experience, there is broader vision: that the soul is seeking expression through your symptoms. What troubles you therefore becomes the working material for psychological growth and personal fulfilment.

Psychosynthesis is a depth psychology. All experience, from the beginning of life, plays a role in the development and functioning of your personality, often unconsciously. From early childhood humans learn to adapt to their environment, often at a cost to the more creative, vulnerable and unique aspects of the Self. Learning how you have been limited in your potential and wellbeing through past conditioning enables the development of new, fulfiling ways of being.

The process is one towards greater self-awareness and Self-realisation.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy aims to identify distress within the personality, and to work towards the integration of all parts of the person, which are quite often denied. You will find it useful if you are experiencing:

* lack of meaning and purpose

* difficulty in maintaining a relationship

* separation, loss or prolonged grief

* feelings of inadequacy and/or powerlessness

* trauma/emotional or sexual abuse

* crises of identity caused by religious or spiritual experiences

* desire for greater creative freedom

What does it involve?

You begin with a single 50 minute assessment session. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your reasons for coming and the outcome you are seeking, and to assess, with the psychotherapist, whether psychotherapy would be appropriate for you.

Should you wish to proceed you would then contract to attend on a regular basis, usually weekly. The length of time you spend in therapy and the frequency of your meetings will depend, by agreement, on the outcome sought and the depth of work required.

Fees are variable, depending on location and circumstance.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Angel Islington North London N1 & Walthamstow E17, London

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Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Angel Islington North London N1 & Walthamstow E17, London

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